Amazon May Divide Second Headquarters Between Two Cities

Still, don’t bash Amazon. “It just makes you look desperate,” Johnson said.

Instead, companies should reiterate their mission, vision and values.  “Double down on what makes you a good place to work,” he said.

Johnson recommended that executives consider which employees they most want to retain and make sure they are satisfied. He said that many companies don’t have significant differentials between compensation awarded to their stars and average employees.

“It is hard to pay some people more and some people less. It is human nature to want to even everything out,” Johnson said. “How many people get zero raise? Not enough. How many get to 10 to 15 percent? Not enough.”

SHRM / November 11, 2018


Wages Flatline Even With Record-Low Unemployment

“Decades ago, employers took a broader sociological view to determine if the real wages of their employees were going up over time,” says Johnson. “Now, employers see wage growth as something out of their control. They may be reasonably competitive with wages or benefits, but it may only be okay for employees, not great. And they think ‘I can’t do much about it because it’s out of my control.’ ”

Human Resources Executive / August 22, 2018


When Volatility Impacts Stock Wealth

“At the next board meeting, people will be talking about it,” says Alan Johnson, founder of Wall Street compensation consulting firm Johnson Associates. “It will be front of mind.”

It’s possible, though, that if the company regains market value, “by the end of the year, these days might be forgotten or it may have not really happened,” Johnson says.

Agenda / August 20, 2018


Banker Bonuses Are Expected to Increase Except in Advising, Report Says

“It’s going to be challenging to manage people’s expectations,” he said in an interview. “As we get toward the end of the year I think people will expect to get paid more than they will. How do you manage people who get 5 percent more but maybe they were thinking they would get 10 to 15?”

Bloomberg News / August 3, 2018


2019 Comp: Morgan Stanley Adds Account-Level Bonuses, Leaves Grid Unchanged

Compensation Consultant Alan Johnson of Johnson Associates in New York said the potential 3% grid-rate bump is, nevertheless, “dramatic” enough to get advisors’ attention.

“Three points is a lot,” said Johnson when briefed on the details of the plan by a reporter. “Morgan Stanley is signaling that [financial plans and asset gathering] are important to the client, to the business and to the advisor, and whether you agree or not, we’re moving significantly in this direction.”

Advisor Hub / July 30, 2018